Carcassonne english summary

publié le 17 février 2011

On Tuesday 27 February 2007, at approx. 12:40 p.m., an SNCF track maintenance machine (track maintenance machine type EMV 97) was derailed on a derailing stop in the station of Carcassonne (Aude) during shunting on a service track. Once it derailed, it fouled track 2.
When informed by the driver of the EMV, the Traffic controller at Carcassonne closed the signals protecting the track 2. No accident occurred.

The immediate cause of this incident was the driver of the EMV running past an absolute stop signal.

Two other causes played a part in the incident :
- the protection gear (derailing stop) is not appropriate for this type of train (fitted with a guard-iron), which resulted in the fouling of the adjoining track,
- the Traffic controller did not remind the driver of the EMV of the presence of a intermediate stop signal (Cv No. 120) between the origin of the movement and its destination, which could have contributed to accidentally running past the signal.

The recommendations made following the technical investigation concern the organisation of shunting and the derailing stops used by the infrastructure manager :
- remind traffic controllers of the importance of fully informing employees involved in movements in the station and, especially, employees less familiar with the installations of the station,
- examining the installation of a standard derailing stop on track 4 between points 120b and 118a.